Bridging the Gap

LA Global Consulting (UK) Ltd. (“LAGC UK“) was established in 2016 in order to assist Israeli technology-driven businesses and UK stakeholders bridge the gap and create valuable partnerships. LAGC (UK) Ltd. is a branch of LA Global Consulting Israel.
After many years of successful work with different clients in the UK, the company has come to a conclusion that the time is ripe to have an on ground representation in order to provide better service to our clients (on both countries) as well as expanding our client base in the UK.
Scaling a business abroad can pose a real challenge, especially for growing companies. It is attention and time consuming and it is usually the ‘first time’ which means it can take even longer. This usually results in the company’s leadership distraction of its core business and daily duties.
Through our experience and strong relationships both in Israel and in the UK, we accompany our clients on that journey, through access to capital, strategic partnerships, clients and relevant service providers.   Different companies have different needs and we at LAGC understand that. Our expertise is to help each of our clients connect with the relevant stakeholders that are their best fit. We do it as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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