In today’s evolving hi-tech arena, Fintech is one of the promising growing fields in the world of entrepreneurship.

Over the past decades, Israel has developed a strong Fintech ecosystem with more than 450 companies and 12 R&D centers.

The rapid growth in online banking, using computers and mobiles, has led to an increase in sophisticated cyber security threats. This predicament requires that banks develop new technology in order to respond to these cyber threats. Therefore, behind successful technologies, and financial technologies in particular, there is a sturdy security apparatus.

Being a leading Startup Nation, Israel is a world recognized hub for new and innovative technologies, focusing on Fintech and Cybersecurity.

The Israeli Fintech industry continues to grow so impressively that it is attracting more and more entrepreneurs and increased funding from global investors. On 2014, 61 companies raised $369 million in Israel alone, an all-time hit record. LAGC is well familiar with the banking and the financial systems.

The Israeli Cybersecurity industry has achieved major developments as well.  In 2015, Israeli cyber exits reached $1.2 billion, an increase of 40% compared to 2014.

Here, at the LAGC, we Hold a comprehensive and updated database of the Israeli cyber security and Fintech companies. Along with a fully dedicated experienced team, we always catch up with the latest developments in the ecosystem.

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